Tuesday, 5 November 2013


It combines three parts required for successful UI development:
  • Cross-platform L&F for Swing applications
  • Additional extended Swing components set
  • Various Swing utilities and managers
Licenses: GPLv3 and Commercial

A few examples showing how does some of WebLaF components look like: enter image description here
Main reason why i have started with a totally new L&F is that most of available L&F lack flexibility - you cannot re-style them in most cases (you can only change a few colors and turn on/off some UI elements in best case) or there are only inconvenient ways to do that.
My goal is to provide a fully customizable L&F with a pack of additional widely-known and useful elements (like date picker, tree table, dockable pane and lots of other) and some additional helpful managers and utilities, which will reduce the amount of code required to create awesome Swing UIs.
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