Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Version 1.49a 15 May 2014

Version 1.49a  (upgrade)

  • Thanks to Kenneth Sloan, added a "Paint on overlay" option to the built in brush tool's options dialog. Add the built in brush tool to the toolbar by selecting "Brush" from the toolbar's ">>" menu.
  • Thanks to Daniel Pensold, Analyze>Tools>Save XY Coordinatessaves the coordinates and values of pixels inside selections to a .csv file.
  • Thanks to Volker Wirth, added a "Title:" field to the dialog displayed by Edit>Selection>Straighten when the line width is one or when processing a stack.
  • Selections created by the selection brush tool are deleted after they are added to an overlay.
  • Thanks to Jon Harman, Plugins>Install recognizes .zip files.
  • Thanks to Jerome Mutterer, added the makeArrow() macro function (example).
  • Thanks to Federico Luzzati, added the Stack.toggleChannel() macro function (example).
  • Thanks to Norbert Vischer, the showProgress(progress) macro function displays subordinate progress bars as moving dots when 'progress' is negative (macro example, script example).
  • Thanks to Messaoudi Cedric, Edit>Options>Memory & Threadsno longer limits the number of threads to 32.
  • Thanks to Wilhelm Burger, added the IJ.setProperty(String,Object) and IJ.getProperty(String) methods, which are useful for passing data between plugins.
  • Thanks to Stephan Preibisch, added the MultiLineLabel#setText() method (example).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the recording mode to not be saved when quitting ImageJ with the Recorder open.
  • Thanks to Mats Nilsson, fixed a bug that caused the getInfo() macro function and ImagePlus#getStringProperty() method to not work with DICOM tags containing letters.
  • Thanks to Norbert Vischer, fixed a bug the caused the Array.findMaxima() macro function to throw an exception when the array length was one.
  • Fixed a bug that caused images with overlays containing black transparent images to not be correctly saved and restored.
  • Thanks to Jan Brocher, fixed a v1.48 regression that caused changes made in the Image>Overlay>Add to Overlay dialog (displayed when you press alt+b) to not be remembered.
  • Thanks to Kees Straatman, fixed a bug that caused the recorder to incorrectly record the Process>Binary>Convert to Mask command.
  • Thanks to Chris Weisiger, fixed a bug in Image>Stacks>Othogonal Viewsthat caused it to fail with extened StackWindows with custom controls.
  • Thanks to Philippe Carl, fixed a v1.48t regression that caused the Plot#drawNormalizedLine() method to not work with log plots.


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