Sunday, 24 August 2014

Java : Drawing the shape of the detected object?

After detecting the people upperbody rect:
  1. Remove the rect background, keeping just the person upperbody.
  2. Binarize the image.
  3. Apply morphological boundary algorithm to trace the upperbody.
enter image description here
OpenCV provides these algorithms. However, the example above was developed using Marvin. The source code is presented below:
public class TraceShape {

    public TraceShape(){
        // Load Plug-in
        MarvinImagePlugin boundary = MarvinPluginLoader.loadImagePlugin( 

        // Load image
        MarvinImage image = MarvinImageIO.loadImage("./res/person.jpg");

        // Binarize
        MarvinImage binImage = MarvinColorModelConverter.rgbToBinary(image, 245);
        MarvinImageIO.saveImage(binImage, "./res/person_bin.png");

        // Boundary
        boundary.process(binImage.clone(), binImage);
        MarvinImageIO.saveImage(binImage, "./res/person_boundary.png");

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        new TraceShape();
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