Monday, 16 June 2014

OTech: How Dirty Is Your DICOM Data?

This looks like a nice image, but the
 metadata could be totally incorrect or corrupted
  • If you would take a snapshot of any DICOM archive and check the image headers for correctness, I would argue that there are quite a few hidden problems that you might not know about.

  • Errors in a DICOM header can cause images to be incorrectly displayed, incorrectly added to the database, or being flatly rejected by the PACS. By DICOM errors, I don’t mean an incorrect Accession Number of patient name, or duplicate ID, but rather a violation of the rules defined in the DICOM standard for a particular field entry.
  • For more details : OTech: How Dirty Is Your DICOM Data?:
  • Following is video for showing how to do..

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