Tuesday, 17 December 2013

JavaFX 3D Hello World

To compile JavaFX with 3D features you have to get the early access version of the JDK8.

At the moment as far as I know there is only a windows support for the 3D features, but abuild for Mac and Linux will soon be released. (Luckily enough 3D support also works for a virtualized Windows running on Mac - this is how i got to the screeenshots.)

This blog entry is about a Scala version of the provided 3D examples

First, there is the class PhongMaterial, which defines some sort of "Phong shaded material". Basically you can create a material which can have a color or some texture. 

a red box and a blue sphere rendered with JavaFX

This is a screenshot of the same program, different colors, with a bumpmap applied:

example using a bump map
Here is the code:
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