Friday, 20 September 2013

Creating a Virus/Robot In Java By Mr .Natraj

A virus is a program that does something unusual.                                                      
Unusual can be anything like
  • snatching away the mouse control from you
  • deleting files from your system,etc
Today we will see how can we create a java Application that blinks your capslock,moves your mouse on the screen automatically and  fills your formpage on its own.I would rather call this Program a Java Robot.But this concept can be used in anyarea
Assume that you have an agency that books  tickets frequently everyday.Instead of doing it manually,why not,pass all the details in properties files or xml files,and let your java robot do it for you.Doesn’t it sounds good?
I know you are eager to see that application.Even I am more eager to write the same…

After creating the Application,you can convert it to .exe file and then use it in your own way.
It can work only in computer where java is installed.
Hopefully you liked this Application.Does it deserve a like?
Thank you
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